Styleseat VS. Vagaro which booking systems is the best match for you and possibly your salon, retail business, and more? I'll be letting you in on some key aspects on both systems that I've used and which in my professional opinion worked best for my salon and our needs.  So grab a note pad if you've been straddling the fence about selecting either of the two, also keep in mind most booking systems are the same while you may not be interested in either of these this article may raise questions and help you pick the best fit.........

As a stylist I've worn many hats apart from my daily life of being a daughter, sister, aunt and significant other. I was busy, I was over worked and drowning in things to do lists I needed a break from constantly being in Hair Stylist mode. Many around me were saying but that's what you do for a living and while it was true I didn't see any friends (who weren't hairstylist) or family working at home it was like once they left work it was over they were free to enjoy life and do what ever the day brought on. I on the other hand was answering text, phone calls, rescheduling appointments, consultations and moving appointments around constantly. Till one day I saw it, a booking application link on good old facebook, styleseat it seemed like the answer to all my prayers and the beginning of at the very least one day off.

Once launched it was on the other hand more work at the start getting clients used to booking online and using the system. After 4 years and I'm not exaggerating things were running like clockwork. Now I will be honest I still have a hand full of clients who for whatever reason refuse to use it, for those clients I book and move on. This is the first important note to point out. 

1. Regardless of what booking system you decide to use you will have some clients refuse to use it. I do not take offense to this or decline appointments, think of it this way do you have taking to the auto voice when calling about something important I know I do. With the handful of refuses they are me when I call UPS and hear the computer say "What's the tracking number, I didn't hear that, I'm sorry your having trouble." Do not be discouraged and find a way to get them on the site maybe a personal walk through.

My next and second most important note is PUT IT IN WRITING!

2. Because this is a virtual conversation you hold with current and potential clients everything and I mean everything has to be in writing. Of course you won't get every single detail because often times clients will have questions that have never been presented to you before. For example with my ponytail service when I provide the bundle needed a new client booked the service, great but she had a color job that was multi-tonal and one that I would have needed to see in order to match. Upon further conversation she stated that the client that referred her told her I'd be able to match the color. 

In the end the beauty supply saved the day and had a color bundle to match perfect, after wards I went on the site to specify that the bundle comes in natural brown only. Put it in writing!

After writing this post I've decided to break it down into a once a week post I hope this helps not only stylist who are reading this but potential clients booking systems are the best way to be organized and schedule according to services requested I love them!

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