I once heard that there aren’t really problems that exists only challenges if you have a positive mindset. This weeks challenge is giving all the positive reasons we've decided to implement booking deposits. 

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Today the 1st benefit of booking deposits explains how serious clients get first dibs on my schedule vs. those who are merely interested.

Online booking is the sign of the times be it for a facial, appointment at the DMV or purchasing an airline ticket. Booking for personal services is a bit different in that a period of time is blocked out of a day on your stylist of choice schedule. With that no one else can override your booking or cut the online appointment leaving you with out the date and time you desire. However, one of the ways someone can prevent you from getting your desired time is by booking appointments they have no interest in keeping. 

Since implementing the online booking system one of the chief complaints from my clients in particular is either I book too fast or that they can just never get in. Often times that really isn't the case, there are no appointments shown because I have several clients per week who were just booking because they might come in. 

How unfair is that!? I wanted to do something for my serious clients and this is why I set up booking deposits for those that really do intend on coming in. 


- How much is the booking deposit?

The booking deposit is $25.

- So do I have to pay the deposit and for my hair service?

The booking deposit is deducted from the total cost of the service

- Where do I pay the booking deposit on Vagaro?

No, You will no longer be required to enter your CC info on Vagaro. The deposit will be paid via paypal to


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