WOW! We're we surprised this photo was posted by our Master Stylist/Salon Owner @CHEVONSHARP and the likes just kept coming and coming and coming along with the shares. Braiding is the "IT" style right now and for good reason! The creativity and freedom while braiding is highlighted daily in instagram. Join us inside for key points on this style and more photos

So are these cornrows or what??? From our salon social media we get tons of inquiries about Braids. We’ve gathered for good reason these pics provided by our Master Stylist Chevon Sharp are fabulous! The parts are crisp and straight, the braids are stitched and as close to perfection as possible. But the thing that after surprises our potential clients is that this is done on 100% natural hair that hasn’t been pressed in over 4 years. 

Another big surprise is that these are NOT feed in Braids the kanekalon Hair is pre-braided and then sewn on to the Hair. While anyone can wear this style it looks best on natural hair. We’ve deemed this one a “natural” hair style. 

The question of the day is, does Chevon braid yes and she's perfecting her craft feed in braids will soon be added to the menu so stay tuned...... We hope this helps when booking with us! And look forward to our next post.....hmmmmm what’s it gonna be? You’ll just have to follow us to see!

Enjoy the photos.......


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