Growing hair seems to be on the forefront of the beauty industry due to hair loss from extensions, heat damage, medication and lack of health of hair from poor diet. My clients always ask me what they can do or what they can take to not only grow their hair but improve the health of hair.

I decided too create a weekly post highlighting something that does just that be it a product or like in this article a vitamin. I promise that the number one question I am asked is "what can I do to grow my hair?" The answer is usually "Are you taking something like skin, hair and nails or biotin?" Often, actually most of the time my clients don't know what either are and when they go shopping they aren't sure which one to get.

So which is better, well that depends Biotin is just biotin but that is excellent and can be taken up to 3 times a day it comes in macro grams not milligrams so theres a difference in the dosage. Skin hair and nail is more of a combination of multiple vitamins for the hair along with biotin thus giving you a lower dosage in macrograms generally you'll see about 500 mcg's.

If you are like me and you take about 100 vitamins a day taking biotin is the way to go plus in my opinion you can dictate exactly how much biotin you taking per day. With the skin hair and nail combo, however, if you are like most and you don't take a multivitamin the skin hair and nail pills are the way to go. Either way you'll see great results, Let's grow hair!!!


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