Because we love telling you what we're using here's another featured product and let me just tell you it's an item I can't function without.

Like, Seriously if I run out and didn't go get a replacement I'm so irritated. My finish styling is something that's kind of a big deal I mean why spend all that time shampooing, conditioning, blow drying, silk pressing and curling if you cant play in the hair to style it at the end?

One of the main reasons Sebastians is so high on the priority list is because it is a workable aerosol spray. Often times product companies will say their spray is workable but its as close to hot glue in liquid form you can get. Now don't get me wrong I have some mega hold stop your life sprays but they aren't used for finish styling.

Another important fact zero residue this is key especially now that we're all taking pictures with ring lights! Like any spray is you use too much you will get some white haze over the hair, however, with Sebastian you have room to play.


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