At SHARP BEAUTY LOUNGE healthy hair is KING regardless of length, texture, natural, chemically treated and any other way you'd like to categorize your hair. The reason is it KING or shall we say reasons hair is KING are very important and they will force you to change your view and the cliche "It's just hair" by the end of the post.

Often times we have these wishful photos that we'd like to duplicate I know I do with fashion, makeup and yes hairstyles. Hair color photos are the most popular that my clients send or show in the hopes that Mary J. Blidge blonde or Rhianna red can also be their hair color. However, hair is KING!
Strand test are a must when you sit in my chair I want the hair to tell me what its going to do, avoiding hair loss, damage and over processing is my number #1 goal when doing a hair color service my second is achieving the color.

Another reason hair is KING, Have you seen "what the health?" I have yet to but my clients have and  they are all VEGANS now! But, did you know your hair tells the story of your internal health as well? You can be a vegan or eat only grass feed beef and chicken gluten free or simply be on a diet of air and still internally there could be a vitamin deficiency like low iron that causes hair loss. So even if you are vegan or a carnivore hair is still KING.

Is hair just hair? Absolutely but, it's also say it with me........KING!

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