Honey kissed highlights yes! Sometimes Mary J Blidge and Beyonce make us feel like coloring the entire head blond from root to tip is the only way. Well, we're hear to tell you that variety is the spice of life and there are many different ways to rock the blonde
Ombre, Highlights or even block section coloring are three ways you can add color to your hair be it blonde, red and any other color you can think of. This clients gorgeous locks were razzled and dazzled by adding approximately a dozen foils yes, only a dozen the placement gives the allusion that it's more.

I wanted a natural blend so I went with honey blonde and boy are they gorgeous check out more photos below. I've also included an additional photo of the products used to maintain the overall health of the hair, because, unfortunately colored treated hair is more delicate. Check out post tomorrow where Davines will be our featured product of the week.


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