Secret weaves are all the craze in Los Angeles California with weaving clients can go from one extreme to the other. I'm sure you've all seen or read a post on frontals, while I'm sure clients love them along with the stylist who install them as a master hairstylist I figured out that my clientele was more interested in natural, hair growing installs. Please note this is not to say that closures and frontals don't grow hair that just hasn't been my experience with clients who have come from a stylist that does them. 

What exactly is a secret weave you ask? It is a weave with a lot of leave out I generally place 5 or more single braids and double the track on each for hair lengths from 10"- 18" anything longer more tracks are required. Now for hair longer than 22" I do not advise secret weaves it requires too much hair to make it look natural your better off with a partial weave.

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