We had the pleasure of sampling Eleven Australia a new brand of products that just recently launched in the US, and is only carried by select salons. If you follow us on IG @sharpbeautylounge  then you are in the know that we've been looking at serveral lines to carry for our clients. To find out more about the team and our experience with Eleven......
Eleven Australia launched a very focused to the point line os hair care products myself and the staff were very interested in a line that is just that. Often times clients get lost in the products there are so many to choose from and this can be overwhelming. Because of the simplicity of the line we were able to try a few of the main items of the line. In this review we'll focus on the Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner. 

Typically hydrating products are heavy so we stear clear of them for our clients on the finer side of hair texture but these products we light to medium in density and very easy to rinse. For my clients with thicker similar to 4C I'd say these are a no go thicker hair textures require a more dense shampoo and conditioner. 

At Sharp Beauty Lounge all shampoo and conditioning services are oftered a steam treatment for 15-30 min and may I say Oh La La! The hair was silky and after rinsing and blowdrying shinny and very manageable. We are still in the process of selecting lines to carry and I'll give you a hint Eleven is on that list! 

(Photo: ElevenAustralia.com)