Clip in hair extensions, are life savers for hair stylist and clients alike. They allow you to play with length, color and sometimes texture but one thing about clip ins that I have a hard time with is the universal set measurements of the clip in track length. Often times they are too short or too long, not enough clips to properly secure the track and poorly made with little to no extra thread for added clip securing. The problem to this solution....... 

You guessed it get you some clip in's made! It can be costly because they are made custom but just think of the time and money you'll save from not dealing with a few of the glitches I mentioned above. 

Clients always ask how does it work and its really simple the hair is pre-ordered from my extensions line Bravon Hair, at that time I also take measurements of your head where the clips in extensions will be placed. Once the hair arrives I then make clip ins to suit your hair needs the tracks are often doubled and only singled when it is near an area that may have difficulty camouflaging like the bang. 

After the clip ins are created the cost of wash press, style and installation are included so you get to see that yes your clip ins fit and fit properly and they are secure enough to stay in even when the hair is wrapped. Upon returning for future services the clip ins can be washed for an additional charge and installed at an additional charge as well. They will last you as long as you take care of them.