Time Isn't On Our Sides (At Least As A Stylist)

In the salon this week of course there was some interesting conversations pertaining to Donald Trump, how to raise a child in todays world, what should we eat and so many more topics that I just can't remember. One convo that began that caught everyones attention is how Clients and stylist can't agree is time and how long they should be in the salon...

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Now you guys already know that these talks stay anonymous so with that being said I will NOT disclose any names. Ok the conversation begins after a client walks in (she wasn't one of mine) and ask while on her cell phone "How long will I be today, like when are you gonna be ready for me?" The stylist is woking on another client at the time, she replies "Yes in like two hours but you need to get shampooed and go under the dryer so by the time your dry I will be ready for you." But, while the stylist is talking she's talking not to her stylist but on the phone. She then says "I'll come back in two hours," and leaves.

I do not enter into conversations or situations that happen in front of me because I think its unprofessional but what I will do if I think its something interesting I will ask my clients what are their opinions. I do not repeat exactly what happen in another situation because I want their raw and honest opinion not the opinion they'd have in my defense if they feel like another client did something to upset me. 

The reason I do this is to get the clients perspective and become more knowledgeable about how certain things are perceived by clients be it negative or positive. I love my clients and being a stylist is my life not a hobby. 

Many of my clients revealed to me how they think they should be in and out and how long it should take to do a service based on past experiences or unfortunately a youtube tutorial they watched. Other clients believed that waiting in the shop was just the way it was and they free up the entire day of their appointment so that they can relax and enjoy their time in the salon. 

Here's my opinion as a professional hair stylist, and let me just start by saying that I DO NOT DOUBLE BOOK, however there are only so many hours in the day and days in the week and I do my best to achieve a timely style when working on each client. With that being said each day is different and every clients hair is different so for me to predict my day is almost asking me to become psychic reader. I'll give you an example of my past Saturday that lasted longer than I did and while I scheduled accordingly and even turned down two appointments I still fell behind in my day.

Saturdays Schedule:

5AM Client 1 scheduled for a shampoo and style comes in and changes requesting a wet set add 2 extra hours so I won't be done with her until 8 not 7 because the first hour is spent shampooing and setting the hair on the rods.

Client 2 is her daughter so she came with her at 5 and I shampooed her and had her under the dryer before her mom but she has to wait until I'm done rolling her mom which was about 6:45 and then she was rinsed and blowdried by 7 just in time for my next.

7AM Client 3 weave maintenance service shampooed and conditioned under the dryer by 7:20.

Client 2 is now dry and in my chair for her press and flat iron and Client 1 is still under the dryer drying I finish with Client 2 by 8:30 at that time my next had been there since 8.

Client 4 scheduled weave maintenance but she getting a press and curl which I loose an hour because she won't be under the dryer with a weave drying for that hour she is shampooed and placed under the dryer with conditioner. Client 1 is taken down and styled and I then rinse Client 3 and blow dry her and place her under the dryer and my next walks in.

Client 5 she is on the books for the next Saturday at 10 and arrives at 9:30  but my actual 9 o'clock has been waiting since 9 Client 6 I take her first shampoo her and put her under the dryer with conditioner.

I tell Client 3 that I will be with her as soon as I'm done washing SURPRISE Client 5 (confused yet?)
She's washed and placed under the dryer and I ask Client 6 if she can go ahead of her because we had a mixup on style seat she says yes and I go to finish Client 3.

Client 7 comes in at 11 and she waits until the salon assistant can shampoo her, I know your wondering where was the assistant the entire time well she was assisting another stylist who was also biz that morning. 

Client 8 I push back to 2 o'clock because she was a reschedule from Thursday that needed to come in on a different day. 

Client 9 arrives at 12 and is waiting with Client 7 for the assistant by this time I'm done with Client 3 and begin Client 4 I'm done with her by lets say 1ish and I start my surprise client she's done by 2:30ish remember my 2 o'clock arrives at 2 and is assisted by the assistant. 

I then move to Client 6 and I finish with her about 3:15 Client 7 finish by 4:30 4:45ish and Client 8 is done by 5:45 I finally eat and finish Client 9 by 7.

I think I went to the restroom twice and drank one cup of water I was moving but 4 things were against me before the day even really got started.

1. Clients schedule services and then changed them after arrival
2. The assistant wasn't available to assist me 
3. I had a surprise client 
4. A client needed to be rescheduled to Saturday due to a family emergency and added to my day 

I won't even begin to go over that day again I'm exhausted after typing it I just wanted to show that even if I plan  my day to the "T" there are outside forces (usually clients) that alter it in ways that can create a day that you just never catch up to. While many stylist need to work on time management and scheduling I do think that giving them the opportunity to service you on a day that may have fewer clients like a Tuesday, Wednesday or even Thursday, may be more logical than a biz weekend day because as you can see from above anything can happen.