Silky shiny hair, who doesn't want that? Often times when I'm styling hair while it has it's own natural luster and shine I love adding a product that not only adds shine but protects the hair during heat work. 

Find out more about beyond shine and when I use it on my clientele inside.....
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Aquage why I as a master stylist use it, back when I was first out of cosmetology school I was like a sponge I wanted to know everything about hair and what products worked best especially on my type of hair, African American hair. Because, often most products or product lines are geared toward other hair types. I linked up with a product line called fusion out of Santa Fe Springs California for a hair show and of course I was given the job of prepping AKA pressing all the ethnic hair for a hair show. One thing that I learned from this show was to add a spritz of shine with every spritz of hair spray to protect the hair from the heat and dilute the hair spay. This insured that the hair was still workable for the actual style that the "featured stylist" of the show was going to create.

This trick was one that stuck with me and I have used it for over 13 years, but the down fall to this trick is not all shine spray are equal. If the shine is too heavy it doesn't work and the hair just becomes an oily mess. a few months ago I ran out of my go to called Silk Radiance by Vonte and went to Cosmo Prof to my surprise Aquage was giving out samples of the beyond shine spray. It worked so flawlessly that I ran out and was spraying the empty can in vain hoping some would come out any way. Every since then Ive been using it and I absolutely love it and wanted to share it with you. 

Here are the product specs: