Sometimes I absolutely love being a hairstylist it “The Gift” other times I HATE and its “The Curse.” Instagram is generally my bestie because instead of my clients attempting to describe to me a certain shade of red or that deep angled Bob that Nicki Minaj is wearing the can screen shoot and send me the pic. Lace Frontals have been all the craze as of the past few weeks and I find myself in a full on debate as to whether or not that some ones natural hair leave out, a wig, a closure or everything but a lace frontal. In other words Ive broken up with IG until further notice. 

I picked this topic because I’m more than sure that many of you have been looking at some pics lately and thought I want my hair like that but how'd her stylist achieve that style. As your Voice of Hair Ambassador I think it’s my duty to give you the just of this latest trend and also to help you decide if a frontal is for you.

A lace frontal is bonded in place unlike closures and just like a lakefront wig.  Lace frontals depending on the quality have a realistic hairline with baby hair and sideburns included giving the illusion that the hair is growing from the scalp. Now you can see where the confusion of the illusion may lie. 

Lace frontals cover from temple to temple meaning your entire front hairline. With the entire hairline being covered this is where things get tricky with the instillation process. Unlike a closure that can be glued or sewn on the lace frontal does have a sewing option, HOWEVER, the hairline is strictly glued. 

Most stylists will install a lace frontal by sewing down the back of the frontal and use a bonding agent to glue the front.  You may be saying to yourself that this is not the option for you but keep in mind you have the versatility of a 3 part method install with the luxury leaving absolutely no hair out. 

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