[VIDEO] How To: The Proper Way To Wrap Your Hair

Have you ever gone to the shop got you a good professional press and then woke up the next morning with your hair wild as ever and in it's natural state? We're more than sure its because your wrapping skills may not be up to par........

Wrapping is a skill like most where you have to practice, practice, practice to get it right and the more you do it the faster you'll get, also you'll find like me in the vid you won't require clips.

This is a video I did so long ago I can't even remember the year it was but one things for sure I still use it to send to clients because this is the number 1 thing most of my clients are still challenged with.

Check out the video below.......

Please be sure to watch in full and feel free to send questions over I'm more than happy to help!

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