Hair-Ducation: Continued Education With Tamika Gibson

Let me just start by saying when I saw that Tamika Gibson was coming back to Cali Cali (In my Biggie Smalls voice) I was on the road and had taken my first Saturday off of the year with Bae on the way to San Diego Jazz festival. San Diego is about an hour away from Los Angeles so of course Candy Crush and Instagram were my riding entertainment. The Hair Diagram popped up in my time line saying “LOS ANGELES AUGUST 31ST” mind you we were in May I think. With that being said you can see I was totally excited and anticipated attending this class. 

My “Hair Diagram” class experience why every stylist should take this class……..

Now just a back ground on me I was a little backwards in school I took metal shop instead of sewing and in typing class I wrote letters so sewing with a sewing machine and not my hands worried me. So much so I called the number listed on the website and who do you know answered the phone…….. Girl it was Tamika I know she was like who is this lady calling me 3 months before the class asking questions about sewing? But that's the thing I love doing hair and all things hair! LOL 

Along the way Tamika sent out emails of all the deets advising us on the type of sewing machine when and where the class would be held and so on. She also sent out text messages with more reminders (That us ADD hairstylist need) adding video to walk us through what we’d be doing I’m assuming to calm my nerves and others like me. 

The day of the class, let me just add one more thing, so the week before the class on my first day of cross fit in the first 15 min of class I fell in the middle of the street rolling my right ankle bruising it to the point where I almost couldn't walk accompanied by road rash on both knees. I was in no shape to push on the sewing machine petal but I went to class anyway. Something about a deposit gives you healing favor cause you surely don't wanna miss out on education or your money! So the day of the class Tamika, her lovely mother (who I felt like was one of my aunties) and her too cute assistant Harper were there to WERK. 

They didn't mess around passing out supplies, explaining, giving insider secrets feeding us and overall entertaining us bottom line giving us our monies worth. We went over every thing from product preferences why certain things work and others didn’t. Frontal vs. closure techniques, operating our machines. And of course the ultimate watching Tamika live and in the flesh make a wig in about 45 min all while answering our questions as we hovered around her like turkey on thanksgiving. 

This class captured my attention and because I paid good money for the information I will not be giving it out in this article! Tamika and her staff are not only knowledgeable but they in the business and running it successfully that alone should interest any stylist that wants to take her career to the next level. 

Here are a few pointers and tie pits I’ll share from the class:

-You are provided with all the necessary tools to create your first wig minus the hair (that you’ll need to bring yourself ladies & gents.).
-You learn how to properly measure a head to truly create a “custom” wig
-Using a crayon on the wig cap helps to keep your guide visual while making the wig 
-Create the wig meaning the way you lay tracks on a weave do it the same for your clients wig 

Ok ladies if I haven't inspired you I don't know what will. In my opinion invest in yourself and your craft if you aren't willing to do that, that's a problem. I’ll be sure to fill you in on my next continued educational class. 

You can find Tameka on IG @TheHairDiagram