Lets Grow Hair: Product Review Avocado Oil

Growing hair seems to be on the forefront of the beauty industry due to hair loss from extensions, heat damage, medication and lack of health of hair from poor diet. My clients always ask me what they can do or what they can take to not only grow their hair but improve the health of hair. 

I decided too create a weekly post highlighting something that does just that be it a product or like in this article something edible. 

So come in side and see whats happening with avocados.....

Time Isn't On Our Sides (At Least As A Stylist)

In the salon this week of course there was some interesting conversations pertaining to Donald Trump, how to raise a child in todays world, what should we eat and so many more topics that I just can't remember. One convo that began that caught everyones attention is how Clients and stylist can't agree is time and how long they should be in the salon...

Find out more inside

Hair Glam

Natural Goddess braids, by @chevonsharp check out more pics inside.......

Featured Products: Aquage Beyond Shine

Silky shiny hair, who doesn't want that? Often times when I'm styling hair while it has it's own natural luster and shine I love adding a product that not only adds shine but protects the hair during heat work. 

Find out more about beyond shine and when I use it on my clientele inside.....

Oscars 2016 Hair Reviews

Hair hair and more hair, while many are in disagreement about the Oscars and such we are in agreement with hair and the fact that a Hairstylist category was added to the show this year. 

Check out all the red carpet hair fashion inside......

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